Time tested and true, Cart Leasing is celebrating 21 years of service working with security companies in Houston.  We have the experience and dedication it takes to meet your cart leasing needs. Ask for our references and we will provide you a list of customers who are more than willing to attest to our professionalism. 

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the most effective way to reduce down time and keep your cart in top working order. We offer a Preventative Maintenance 'PM' Service program for both gas and electric carts. If you can prevent just one service call per month the program will almost pay for itself. Don't forget about the positive image a clean and well kept cart will present to your customers and clients. The PM Service frequency recommendation depends on a variety of factors specific to your job. More about PM Service >>

Security Companies

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Security package

We can easily equip any cart with a "Security Package" as needed.

The "Security Package" consist of 

  • a flashing beacon on the top (blue or amber) 
  • a 'Security' sign on the front

Security Company lease provison

We understand your concerns of being obligated to a multi-year contract in a market that is as volatile as the contract security industry is. The slightest mistake by even the most well-intentioned officer could result in your company loosing the contract at any particular location.


It is with this in mind that we have provided a provision in our lease especially for our security companies. This provision will allow you to enter a one year contract and get the benefits of it (i.e. free pick up and delivery, reduced monthly rate etc.) and still have the piece of mind that if you loose that contract you are not obligated to the entire term of the lease.


 The provision allows you to terminate the lease, with 30 days notice, provided that your security services at that location have been terminated by your client. For more information on this or any other questions you may have, please call us at the number below. We would be pleased to discuss and address your particular needs. 

Security CompanY CLIENTS


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PM Service package

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